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Happy Tuesday everybody! I hope everyone’s week is going great so far!

I just wanted to give you all an update to catch you up on the goings-on of my wild and crazy life.  As of late, I am still in the midst of my never-ending (as it seems) job hunt/safari. I’ve had a few interviews and have gotten a few leads which seemed pretty promising; I’m keeping my fingers (and all other appendages) crossed that I get offered a position in the near (hopefully very near) future. I want to thank everyone for all of their support and well-wishes; it has meant the world and has given me motivation to keep going strong. In the mean time, I am still plugging away everyday, looking, applying, and trying to stay positive. Some days are harder than others but I’m pushing through and chugging along; just call me Thomas the Tank. I know something great is just around the corner and even though I may come into contact with a few barriers or road blocks along the way, I have a great GPS (Godly Positioning System) to help guide me on my way and reach my destination 🙂

In between the ho-hum job stuff that seems to be taking over, I am still trying to throw in a little of fun. After all, it is the journey, not the destination that is important, as they say. I don’t want to look back at this point in my life ten years from now and see just a blurr of job applications and interviews. I want to be sure that I keep living and enjoying what life has to offer. Currently I am obsessed with writing; I started dabbling in my very first fiction novel almost a year ago and have just recently gotten back to it. It’s definitely a work in process but it is so much fun to write and work on. There is just something so exciting about putting pen to paper, or in the case, finger to keyboard, and creating a story filled with unique characters dealing with unique situations. Having the ability to draw from your imagination or personal life experiences, changing and adjusting and rearranging ideas and thoughts that inevitably takes the reader on a journey is such a neat feeling. Who knows if anything ever happens with it but it is something that I have always wanted to do, a bucketlist item that is just itching to get crossed off. And hey, if Snookie from the Jersey Shore can have a NY Times Best-selling book, I at least have a probable shot, right?

Exploring Milwaukee is also a favorite pastime of mine. I love taking small day trips to nearby towns and cities, checking out the different parks, communities, farmer’s markets, stores and cafes. Anyone who knows me probably knows that these day trips also quite frequently involve a lot of getting lost, but you know what, sometimes, those ‘lost moments’ are the best adventures you can have. Sometimes the path unknown lead to discovering great and unseen places, meeting new people (especially when you have to ask multiple gas station and store attendants for directions) and having a good time. A great stress-reliever is swimming which I do, or try to do, as much as I can in the pool we have at my apartment (although it seems to never be open–I’ve become a McGyver of sorts on hopping the fence), going for runs and walks by the lake and one of my favorite things to do is going to the air park with a blanket and my i-pod, sit on the roof of my car and watch the planes take off and land.

Of course the majority of my free time has been spent watching and cheering on my Brewers. Can you believe how amazingly amazing they are right now?! It’s, well, amazing! I am sooooo excited for them and really think they can go all the way this year (knock on wood with a little salt thrown over the shoulder). There is just something in the area (besides the burnt aroma currently permeating from my kitchen–note to self, take the pizza off of the cardboard before putting in microwave–yikes!). This feeling in the air…Magic? Perhaps. Hope? Most definitely. The drive and determination to go all the way, along with the support from uber fans like me? Absotively-posatutely! They have come so far and deserve to keep going.

Life can be difficult sometimes, that is for sure. It can throw unexpected curve balls your way, challenging you and making you push yourself to lengths in which you have never been pushed before. Even though it is important to work hard to regain your footing, staying focused on the task at hand (i.e. for this girl, that would be finding a gosh darned job), it is also important to take time out to enjoy yourself. I am the kind of person that hates to leave a projet or task undone; I want to work until it is finished and done to the best of my ability. However, I am learning that not everything can be done right away. Some things take time (sometimes longer if you want even better results). I tend to push myself too hard and set unobtainable expectations on myself which is not fair. Even the big guy upstairs rested and he is capable of doing far more than any one of us could imagine or attempt to do. From now on, I am going to make time for me, for fun, for some serious chillaxin. As funny as it sounds, this will be a challenge for me, but this is a challenge that I am most certainly willing to take…and to win. And if it seems I am faltering on this new challenge of mine, I give you my full and utter permission to drag me off of my computer, away from all of the paperwork and hecticness, and lead this chica to a bar for some crazy karaoke, a mini-golf course for an all-out putt-putt war or even a dirty diner for some pancakes and waffles. I promise I won’t go kicking and screaming…to hard ;P

Life is meant to be lived.

Go and have some fun. We’ll do it together 🙂

Question of the day: Do you ever fall into a ‘work’ rut? What do you do to get out of it?


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  1. Wendi, another great one.
    Love; Debbie

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