My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Fabulous 50!

Wowsas! Can you believe it? I made it to 50, guys (posts that is)! What started out as just a fun, online journal of sorts has really metastasized (great word for all you Scrabble players out there) into something that I really, really, really (x infinity) love to do, something that allows me to connect, share with, and even inspire others.

When I first began this venture into the blogosphere, my intent was, I will admit, kind of selfish one. I have always had a passion, an infatuation if you will, with the written word. I love to write. About anything. Plain and simple.  I started this blog as a platform to do just that. To write. About anything. Plain and simple. I never in a million years would have thought or expected that anyone would actually read about the crazy shenanigans, thoughts, and ideas that consist and make up my day-to-day life.

But I am sooooo very glad that you all did!

Not only am I now writing just to write and give my brain mental push ups every once in a while, but I write because of you. I may not be a (total) genius. I may not have all the answers. I may not be super-rich or have a fancy job with a fancy title. I am not perfect nor am I trying to be.  I am just like you. And you. And you…yeah you, wearing that purple and gold-striped sweater with neon green high-tops (okay, maybe we’re a little different when it comes to fashion…). We are all learning and growing as it goes, taking steps forward (and sometimes steps back), trying new things, meeting new people, experiencing new things. That’s the great thing about life. You never know what’s going to be around the corner; what you are going to do, where you are going to go, or who you are going to meet. That’s what also makes this blog so much fun to write.

The best thing that I could have received in the past 24 years or so of my life are the experiences that help shape me, the memories that ground me, and the relationships that complete me. My only hope is that those of you out there who may or may not be reading this are touched in some way by my words. I hope I can make you smile. I hope I can make you think. I hope I can make you laugh out loud till your stomach hurts (or you end up with abs like the Situation, although hopefully not laugh too loud, especially if you happen to be at work because then you really would have a situation). I hope I can inspire you and maybe bring a little sunshine to your day on an otherwise cloudy and gloomy one (we all have those from time to time). Like I said, I am not an expert by no means. I am just a girl who loves to write and to share with the world why life is so great, even if it is crazy and random and sometimes just plain weird.

I want to thank all of you out there who are reading this right now; it truly means the world. First 50 done, the next 50 coming right up. I promise there is much more to come from this girl 🙂

I think a celebration is in order!

A toast to 50!

No, not that kind….

Much better. Although…

Now that’s what I call a celebration toast!

I hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday night guys!

P.S. Brewers on right now!! Are you cheering them on? If not, grab yourself a hotdog and cold beverage and get on that! Go crew!


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