My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)


Frazzled? I'm not frazzled. Why? Do I look frazzled?

That is what my brain was saying last night after a long day of job hunting/resume writing/cover letter editing. Even though it seems as if I have been doing this forever and could probably teach a course on how to do these very things (hey…there’s an idea!), it never really gets any easier. Or any more fun. In fact, it sucks lima beans.  Putting yourself out there, basically summing up your professional and personal worth within the confines of three or so paragraphs, and being vulnerable to rejection at any point in time (often more than once) is hard. It can take a toll on a person for sure.


Unfortunately, that person was me last night.  Goodness was my mind running a mile a minute; if it was competing in the Boston Marathon, I would have bet my right hand (I’m a lefty so it wouldn’t be that much of a big deal if I was to make an error in my judgement) that it would have left all the other brains in the dust. After a long day of job hunting, I was looking forward to a relaxing night…which for the most part it was. I ended up chatting with one of my dear friends who I hadn’t talked to in quite a while which was nice. I grew up with this amazing girl and even though we now live miles (and states) apart, even though we may go for years without seeing each other, we can pick up right where we left off the last time we talked. I love that! I truly cherish those friendships and am so very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. After some much-needed and appreciated girl talk, I put on my face paint (okay, not really but I totally thought about it!) and cheered on my Brewers to victory after an incredible game against the Card’s last night. GO BREWERS!! They are making their way to the playoffs one bat swing and double play at a time, I can just feel it…knock on wood of course. Their last game in the series against St. Louis is tonight, just FYI 🙂 After a rousing game, I partook in a little post-game celebration: some pretty darn delicious cookies and milk–courtesy of Nabisco and Golden Guernsey thank you very much–watched a little Letterman, brushed the old bicuspids and hit the hay–this girl was beat.

Despite how ready for a good night’s shut-eye I thought I was, my brain however had other motives. As I lay on my comfy and cushioned bed, all I could think of was jobs (or in this case, lack there of). And everything possibly having to do with them. Instead of sugar plums and fairies, all that was dancing in my head were resumes, and job applications, and cover letters oh my! I actually felt my brain writing and rewriting these documents, over and over. I was thinking back to what I had submitted earlier in the day, what I could have done better, what I maybe had forgotten to include, what I could include tomorrow, where I could have looked, where I could look tomorrow. Yikes-a-bee!

I tried reading my current book of the month pick (it’s Sarah’s Key and so far, it is soooo good! I will be sure to post a review of it once I’m done) but found myself reading and rereading the same page over and over. I just couldn’t concentrate. I even tried counting sheep my mine were so busy applying to jobs that they has no time to jump those silly fences. So, on to door number two: I skirted into the living room, flipped on the tube and tried to see if a little mindless channel surfing would dull me into a great sleep. Have you ever watched television at 3 in the am? Boy there are some interesting and prime program options to choose from, let me tell you although I have to say, the Home Shopping Network would probably be my favorite. How can you not be sucked in when a greasy, plaid-wearing, Pee-Wee Herman look-a-like with a mullet is pushing amazing products such as:


Fashion forward...or completely backwards?

and this


Taking a 'stick' of butter to a whole other level!

and this


Spray on hair. Donald Trump, you may want to consider this instead.

and this


Why didn't I think of that?

Are there people out there who actually buy this stuff? Oh really? Oops. Although I must say, that forkinator looked pretty darn cool…no pun intended. All that high-quality television viewing must have done the trick because after traipsing back to my room, I was finally able to fall asleep, not a job thought in my head. After a night like last night, I realized maybe I was pushing myself too hard. I usually am not one to stop something unless it is finished–which I have found to be both a good and bad thing–, and that includes this whole job-hunting process. I almost feel guilty if I take a break and do something other than the task at hand. But you know what, a little break now and then is okay. In fact, it is crucial for my sanity. Just like with any muscle, rest is essential to build back up your strength and get ready for the next challenge. From now on, I am officially allotting nap and recess periods for my thinker, a time to rest up and have fun, away from all of the applications, resumes and cover letters.  I might even take my brain on a mini vacation–I hear daydream trips to Tahiti are quite lovely (and cheap) this time of year.

That, or I might just have to splurge and get myself one of those fantabulous forks 🙂

I guess what to take away from everything is that balance is key. Working hard to get something or somewhere is great, but too much can set you back, whether that be in terms of your health, your relationships, and even your work. Work hard, but be sure to play just as hard! Life is way too short!

Speaking of which, I am sorry to be so short with this post but my Brewers are hitting the field as we speak and I’ve got a couch and a bowl of popcorn awaiting my arrival.

Have a great night everyone!

Question of the day: Do you ever push yourself too hard when it comes to work or play?


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