My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Ahh to be 13 again…

A time when you’ve graduated from being a kid, but not quite a bonified adult yet. An age of innocence, of awkwardness, of discovery and excitement. When I was 13, I remember thinking that 20, or  being in my 20’s, was soooo old, ancient even. Now, I can’t help but laugh at that fact. I still feel so young, despite where I am in my life and everything that I have accomplished thus far. I think maybe the reason I feel so young is because there is still so much that I want to see and do and experience. I love being an adult, I really do, but there are still a lot of things about being a kid, or teenager, that were pretty darn great.

1. The magical deliciousness that was Pop Rocks.

2.TGIF: When Friday night TV was actually good! Who could forget Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Step By Step, Dinosaurs (not the baby! Not the baby!), Family Matters and Full House?

3. Flare Jeans, Chuck Taylors, butterfly hair clips and hot pink nail polish (I have no fashion sense now and apparently, I didn’t back then haha)

4. Being oblivious to the weather.

5. Looking forward, not looking back.

6. Blanket forts. Tree forts. Leaf forts. Snow forts

7. Spending summer nights catching fireflies in my backyard.

8. Gel Pens.

9. Still being considered a ‘kid’ when getting tickets to the movies, theme parks, zoos, etc. (discounted prices, baby!)

10. Being clueless about being clueless.

11. When going ‘out’ meant eating lunch with my said ‘boyfriend’, holding his hand, and having my parents drive us to the movies or roller skating rink (can I get a WHAT-WHAT for High Roller!?)

12. Still being naive to think that the world was a great place, full of many adventures and possibilities, and that nothing bad could ever happen. Not to say that the world isn’t a great place, it just is a little more complicated than I once thought.

13. Fishing trips with my dad.

14. Mad baking sessions with my mom.

15. LiveStrong bracelets.

16. Lisa Frank trapper keepers.

17. Being able to eat anything I wanted without feeling an ounce of guilt (although I try to not let that stop me now).

18. Just at the cut-off mark for being able to order off the kids’ menu–which by the way, I have a dino-sized bone to pick. I mean, how else am I going to get a coloring sheet, free cookie and my chicken nugget fix from time to time? I seriously think restaurants need to start rethinking their adult menus and make a few adjustments…at least the free cookie.

19. Life staring me boldly in the face…and me staring right  back.

20. My Grandma Hansen–one of the best ladies I knew and will ever know

21. Epic Super Soaker battles

22. Car pooling to school with one miss Britney Doyle (and the endless amounts of Big Apple Bagels we would devour)

23. Thinking that going to bed at midnight was late.

24. Being attached to the hip by my best friends Keri and Jenna…my sistas from anotha mista, then and forever!

25. Endless possibilities.

Even though I may not be 13 anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t live like I’m 13 every once in a while, nor should it prevent you from doing the same. I believe that there is an inner 13-year-old dork inside of all of us and from time to time, it is quite all right to let him or her out. Have a water gun fight with your friends, make a date to bake some cookies with your mom, check out old reruns of Boy Meets WOrld on YouTube and gosh darn it, go and buy yourself an ice cream sundae…and eat every last bite. It is important to not take life too seriously and remember to have fun every once in a while. Make sure that twenty years from now when you look back at this time in your life, you have a giant list of things you ‘miss about being…’, just like I have right now.

Have a great Friday guys!

Question of the day? What do you miss most about being 13?

Comments on: "Things I Miss About Being 13" (2)

  1. 8. Gel pens. Oh my god! I completely forgot about those. Do you remember the Milky Pens too? My friends and I would draw all over each other with them.

    23. Thinking that going to bed at midnight was late. Um, I’m 23 years old and my bedtime is around 8pm. That may or may not be a problem.

    What about SNick? All That? Keenan and Kell? The Roundhouse?

    • Oh my gosh yes! The milky pens were my fav! My friends and I used to design and draw our own tattoos on each other too (much to our teachers disapproval lol). Don’t feel bad about going to bed at 8 either miss J. Not once in college did I pull an all-nighter and even now, on ‘school nights’, I am in bed by 8…probs because I have to get up at 5 in the way early AM and believe you me, that comes way too fast. I totally forgot about Snick and the rest of the amazeball shows on Nick (back when Nick had great shows). Speaking of which…did you hear about this fantabulous news? Check it out! I know what I will be filling my DVR up with:

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