My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you do, nothing seems to go right or in your favor?

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

Just to give you an idea of the bowl full of UNlucky Charms I was poured, I’ll share with you some of the pitfalls of my day…

To start off, I slept past my alarm. Actually, I ‘snoozed’ past my alarm, twice–probably my own fault for staying up too late to watch David Letterman. As a result, I was running around my apartment like crazy trying to get ready and out the door for work. I hopped in the shower without remembering to take off my socks first, forgot to take my packed lunch out of the fridge and found out it was another lovely rainy day while walking out to my car.

And that was even before I got to work where the printer and copier decided to give me serious attitude all day long (I really have a love-hate relationship with office equipment it seems), I had to run around the city of Milwaukee fetching food and drinks for my senior bosses who were having a business lunch meeting, my computer froze right when I was on a deadline to send off a rough draft of a press release and the cherry on top of my icky sundae was when our office dog Kitty peeded all over my pants–which I had to clean up (he’s a cute little guy but he sure has the bladder the size of a pea).


But, with the end of every bad day comes the promise of a new (and hopefully much better) tomorrow.

Plus, you know what takes everything that was wrong and makes it all right again? A little (or a lot) of TLC from my good friends Ben & Jerry. Unfortunately, I had eaten the last of my Cookie Dough pint just the other day and was all out so a trip to the grocery store after work was a must. Okay, I will admit, I did have some ice cream at home but they were just baby vanilla cones. This girl needed something stronger than that to cure this bad day hangover.I know. I have a serious addiction. I’ve tried going to IA (Ice Cream-aholics Anonymous) meetings before but they just don’t seem to be helping.

Upon first entering the store, I was greeted by a smiling and jovial woman who was standing behind a small counter offering me a small sample of a new line of Fruit and Yogurt parfaits that Yoplait just introduced. Wait a tick! I stumbled upon free sample day?! I LOVE free sample day! If I could marry free sample day, I think I would. I used to go with my mom on Sundays after church to our grocery store and Sam’s Club (which we weren’t members of but would stealthily sneak in anyway) just for the free samples. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest you partake in this fantabulous free food fest. By the time you’ve walked the parameters of the store (or stores), you will have to roll yourself out due to your pleasantly full bellies They have a sampling menu that will  make your head spin. I am talking everything from fresh vegetables and fruits, quesadillas, deep-fried cheese sticks, pizza, chicken cordon bleu, freshly baked bread, donuts, juices, yogurt, ice cream cones, cookies, stir fry, tacos, granola bars, cereals, cake…you name it, they’ll serve it. I think my mom was on to something; why go to a fancy restaurant for brunch when we could sneak into the local Sam’s Club and eat till we felt like we were going to explode for free? 

If you’re planning on hitting up a free sample day, the best times are on the weekends. Try to aim either early morning when the crowds are lightest and they are just pulling fresh product, or the late evening when, if you’re lucky, you get to take home whatever is left. Once I scored a box full of unused and unopened bags of Pretzel M&M’s and a half-dozen bagels. I know, right?! Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to free sample day are the Holiday specials. Around the major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter), store vendors often pull out the big guns, offering new and creative holiday-themed foods and other goodies. Plus, there is a good chance you will catch them dressed to the nines in their holiday-themed best (Santa and the Easter Bunny were present on multiple occasions).

As I approached the wonderful woman greeting me with open arms and a tray full of parfaits, I forgot about the terrible day that I had. It was free sample day and it looked like my luck was beginning to turn around. I grabbed a shopping cart (another rule of thumb: make it look like you are there to actually do some shopping as opposed to just eating) and made my way through the store. As I roamed aisle after glorious aisle, I sampled string cheese from a nice older man who looked just like Kenny Rodgers, no joke, cinnamon waffles, pizza bagels, and a new granola bar from Quaker Oats that had pretzels AND cereal AND chocolate in it…it was properly called the Max Bar and it was delicious! I was so enamoured by the samples that I nearly almost forgot what I came in for. You know the power of free samples must be strong when I nearly forget my B&J. I walked over to the ice cream aisle, grabbed two pints of Milk & Cookies (bad decision on my part last time to buy just one) and made my way home (right after stealing a taste of my ice cream in the car. My belly may have been happily sample-full, but it is never too full for some ice cream!)

All in all, I’d say that this was a great ending to a bad day and I owe it all to the lovely men and woman who put on free sample day, as well as my BFF’s, Ben and Jerry 🙂

Question of the day: What is your go-to to help get over a bad day? 



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