My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

…that is the question.

I thought that might get your attention.

(get your minds out of the lint trap) 

I am in a serious pickle. I am about to face one of the most hard-pressing, life-altering, brain-wracking decisions that anyone could possibly  face. I am not talking about silly things like choosing what type of career to pursue, which house you should buy, or deciding who should be the next president of the United states.

Oh no my friends, what I am talking about is the end-all, be-all. It is the difference between sink or swim, rise or fall, sing or croak (yeah, I’m not sure about that one either…if you can’t sing, I guess you would lip-synch?). I am about to decide whether or not I should….

GET A NEW DOO!!! Hair, that is.

Like I said. Life. Altering. (Girls, you know what I am talking about.)

When it comes to my hair, I am as basic and low maintanence as it comes. I really don’t like to experiment with color. Or cut. Or shape. Or style. Case in point: I am a tad boring when it comes to that kind of stuff. I don’t take too much stock into how I look (not that I go around looking like a she-monkey–although let me tell you, I have my days where I just want to roll out of bed in my Sponge Bob pj’s and call it good– I just am less concerned with things like make-up and hair and clothes).When my friends were all getting highlights and lowlights and weaves and bobs, I was getting a trim, maybe a snip here or there.  I would pass on the glittery-fancy-curly Q updoos for all of the school dances, weddings, birthday parties, etc. and do my own thang…which usually consisted of a pony tail or when I wanted to get super fancy, a french braid (yeah, I pulled out the big guns every one in a while). The only conclusion that I can come to is that the funky-spunky-new-hip-and-ultra-chic gene must have skipped me and went straight to my little sister. She has the  best fashion sense out of anyone I know and changes her locks more often than she changes her socks (hey, that rhymed). We used to joke that if she ever got lost, we wouldn’t know what to tell Search and Rescue due to the chameleon-like tendencies that her hair seemed to take on. But for her, it totally works. She rocks it every time. Don’t get me wrong, I have taken a few cues from her and switched it up from time to time.

I’ve gone from super long hair to super short hair (and every length in between)…


I’ve banged in a tree and in a boat. I’ve even banged while taking home first place in my  softball league (can you guess which one is me? Bottom right hand corner *cough cough*)


Boy were they hot! When I was a wee one, I had uber bangs. Uber in the sense that they started from the very top of my forehead, were stick-straight (unless I attempted to curl them in which they would be stick-straight with an iron crease in the middle–I never, ever got the hang of curling my hair and probably  never will but I have accepted that and am ready to move on, hard as it may be), and went down to my eyes. I  made the fatal mistake once of allowing my dad to cut my bangs. Bad idea. HUGE! I think I would have done better if  my eyes were closed, I was standing on one foot, balancing an egg on my head while recreating the Mona Lisa with my free hand…no offense poppa. I also received an unannounced hair cut while babysitting my little cousins one time (Nick, I love you to pieces but I could tell from little on that a career in the hair business you would not make). Apparently, childrens’ scissors are not as dull as they are made out to be. Lesson learned: do NOT fall asleep on the couch while looking after a rambunctious three year old boy.

A new ‘doo can be a big change. I used to be pretty fickle when it came to any kind of change, whether that be a change at school or work, change in location,  change in hosts on American Idol (yes, I was a Simon fan but how could you not be…he was the guy you loved to hate, not to mention he and I shared the same-size t-shirts) to even something as simple as a change in my hair. However, over the past few years, I have grown to accept it more, embrace it even.  Spontaneity in life is so important because that what life is; unpredictable, ever-moving, and exciting beyond all words. To live in a state of fear or panic when it comes to change can be debilitating if you let it affect you. Sometimes you just have to lift your hands up, close your eyes and let the wind “whip your hair back and forth” on this wild and crazy ride we call life.  

So, the ultimate decision. To bang, or not to bang? Maybe I should take a leap out of the ordinary, do something crazy and wild and unpredictable. Do it for me (because a new thang is good every once in a while, plus it feels amazing to get your head massaged like that and the shampoo they use at the salon always seems to smell way better than suds I use at home). Do it for everyone out there who is afraid or hesitant on change, a “One small cut for my hair, one HUGE step for mankind”  sort of thing.

In a case like this, it only seems fitting to look to Willow for guidance, my mini-hair Yoda 🙂

Question of the day: Have you ever made a drastic change in your hair? Was the result a ‘flaunt and flirt it’ or ‘baseball cap it’?



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