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Holy groceries Batman!

I didn’t think I needed that much food, but a girl has to have the essentials. You know: eggs, milk, bread…and Oreos and ice cream cones 🙂

Also, after looking inside my poor empty fridge and seeing this, I guess I don’t feel too bad on my purchases. Just like Old Mother Hubbard, my cupboards were pretty bare.

Pretty pathetic looking, wasn’t it? Well I am happy to report that it is now fully stocked, locked and ready to roll (at least for another week or so). I know that some people HATE going grocery shopping but I absolutely love it for some reason. Walking the aisles, scanning the shelves and looking in freezers, it’s as if I am a lioness on a hunt for my prey, only instead of a zebra or wildebeest carcass, I track down and kill of box of Cheezits and S’more Pop-Tarts (frosted of course  because who eats them plain? That’s just gross). This job is no joke; it’s survival of the fittest out there. You have to go in with a battle plan–knowing your target, where it is, and how to grab it before your competition does. This especially comes into play during the holiday season. Actual throw-down fights have occurred over the last can of cranberry sauce, frozen turkey and bag of stuffing–no joke.

I actually had a slight scare myself today. While I was casually strolling down the cookie aisle, looking for a box of mini Oreo cakesters. (Have you had the deliciousness that is an Oreo cakester yet? Oh my goodness, they are simply divine! I suggest you go out right now. No seriously, jump off of the treadmill or pause your movie or wake up from your nap and GO get yourself a box, preferably the vanilla ones because they make your milk all vanilla-y post-dunk). Anyways, I spotted the very last box on the shelf and was heading towards it when out of the corner of my eye, a boy wearing an Ed Hardy hat (strike one against this little fella already) strides right over in my direction and makes his way towards MY cakesters. At that very moment, time seemed to pass by in slow-motion, The Matrix style. My heart quickened, my palms got all sweaty and I jumped into action. I picked up my pace, trying to beat him to the punch when all of a sudden I heard him turn around to the shopping cart that had just rounded the corner and say,” What kind of Nutter Butters did you want?” Phew! Saved by the Nutter Butter loving mom. I grabbed that box and threw it in my cart before anyone else could . Score! The moral of this story: Always be prepared.

Most of the time though, it’s a pretty laid back affair. I like looking for new things to try and to cook (aka burn) at home. I also like to people watch. Do you ever just look at some of the things that people put into their carts? It’s pretty comical sometimes. Take this man I saw today; he had pickles, two giant things of toilet paper, oranges, and this giant can of baked beans (note, the can on the right is a ‘normal’ sized can). Yikes-a-bee!

 They say, “You are what you eat.” I wonder what that says about this guy? (although I think I can see the need for so much TP) I’d love to go to his dinner party sometime, for sure. I bet it would interesting, to say the least.

Well, it’s safe to say it was a successful shopping trip. Next up on my to-do list…breaking open that box of cakesters and celebrating with a little Seinfeld marathon action 🙂 

Have a great rest of your Saturday!

Question of the day: Do you enjoy grocery shopping? Have you had any crazy grocery shopping experiences?


Comments on: "Adventures in Grocery Shopping" (1)

  1. Grocery shopping is totally therapeutic to me…I LOVE it. SuperTarget just opened across the street from our apartment and I swear I’m there every day! I’m going to have to try these Cakesters you speak of….

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